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Yep, it's the small joys! <3 :)

Based off the twitter page :)

It's the small joys(that make life worth living!)



April 5th, 2012

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My small joys for today:

1. I finally finished the birthday present for a boy pal of mine in England, after much agony and time put into it, I feel accomplished. 

2. I'm finally on spring break and can sleep in! 

3. Musical theater has been going exceedingly well, and I am looking forward to opening night, and even our next production after this one. 

4. I'm making progress to get out of highschool, and am starting community college in the fall. 

5. Life feels bearable, and I'm finally moving on. 

Hope you're all doing well <3


April 4th, 2012

(no subject)

Bite me, bitch...
It's about time I got around to posting, so here are my small joys for the past few days:

- Waking up with a sweet text from a favorite friend on my phone
- Having the house to myself this morning
- Making a new shareyoursound post that turned out well
- Taking pretty pics of my mom and seeing how she liked them
- Spending time with a former mentee yesterday
- Leaving IDH class with a box full of skittles, ring pops, and a Micky D's giftcard
- Getting A's on recent assignments
- B/S'ing my research paper in time


March 31st, 2012

My smalljoys for tonight

1. I've lost 10 pounds on my weightloss journey!(yayy)

2. I've been involved in musical theater for about a month now, have made friends, and am enjoying it far too much. 

3. I finally had time yesterday to record a new makeup tutorial for my beauty channel on youtube. 

January 2nd, 2012

(no subject)


Today, my small joys are short, but. 

1.I have a roof over my head. For that I'm eternally thankful, and grateful. 

2. I'm thankful for the fact I have friends who care about me. 

3. I'm alive. 

October 7th, 2011


Good writing always makes me happy. His writing makes me happy. I look forward to it everyday. The way he puts words on a page. It almost seems as if what I am thinking about he writes about. Except he writes so much better than me. His words heal my heart. They are helping me. I don't even know him but I love his words.

September 25th, 2011



Life has been kind of chaotic and crazy lately. I've been having some healthy issues and was out of town for almost 3 weeks, but I do have a few small joys.

1. after knowing her for 3 years, I finally got to meet my interwebz buddy Julia who lives in Chicago.

2. I got to meet some extended family of mine that's pretty cool at my cousin's wedding last weekend.

3. I'm alive.

August 12th, 2011

(no subject)

Today my boyfriend and I spent time together, where he told me he was in love with me and that he'd be proud to have me be his wife. This made me feel fantastic, and amazing, and special.

July 30th, 2011

An update...


Hey everyone,

I apologize for being so absent since I started this community. Around the time I started it, I made some friends in my town, and they kept me busy. As well as I have been traveling approximately 3-5 days a week this summer, seeing friends in my previous town and seeing family. Hah, I feel like I've been a ghost...not posting often. Anyway, I just wanted to apologize for not posting and kind of letting my community become a ghost town. Not a good thing. Anyway on to my small joys:

Yesterday, I spent time with my boyfriend, this made me feel special, and loved.

Also yesterday, my boyfriend told me he thought I was very pretty which made my heart melt and feel happy, especially since my self esteem has been lacking lately.


Alright, well as a final note; I will try and post more often. I've missed my community.

I hope everyone is doing okay, I look forward to reading all of your "small joys".

July 14th, 2011

The following things have managed to cheer me up sucessfully.

1. The new George R R Martin book, A Dance With Dragons.
3.Google Chrome- Oh how I love you
4. The show Camelot

June 12th, 2011

(no subject)

Today, I got up early to watch the sunrise, semi-bored I decided to urban dictionary my name.(Sarah) Scrolling through about 7-8 pages of definitions of my name, all the descriptions were very true to me, and it actually felt like people who I knew wrote them(though I know this is probably highly unlikely). Anyways, there were a lot of really nice things written about my name on urbandictionary and even though the people who wrote them probably didn't write them about me personally, what they wrote actually gave me a confidence boost, since I related to everything they said so well. It made me feel very happy, and important, and somewhat convinced me to start loving myself. Today was great. :)
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