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Yep, it's the small joys! <3 :)

another long awaited update

It's the small joys(that make life worth living!)

another long awaited update

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My smalljoys for tonight

1. I've lost 10 pounds on my weightloss journey!(yayy)

2. I've been involved in musical theater for about a month now, have made friends, and am enjoying it far too much. 

3. I finally had time yesterday to record a new makeup tutorial for my beauty channel on youtube. 

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    • Congrats on the job! I'm job hunting myself at the moment, gotta save money for college and for when I enroll in community college next semester.

      Also congrats on the baby girl, I'm sure you're overjoyed!

      And a final congrats on being able to pay the bills and having pleasant and mostly happy moods!

      I'm honestly very glad and happy for you. Congrats to both you and David<3
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