Yep, it's the small joys! <3 :)

Based off the twitter page :)

It's the small joys(that make life worth living!)
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Just a place where you can post the little things that bring you joy throughout the day! :)
Alright so here's the deal.

This, is a community for posting little things you saw, heard, remembered, ate, tasted, smell, etc...that brought you joy during your day(or night if the case).

Sometimes, we can all get a bit down...hard on ourselves, feel the world is ending, etc. In general sometimes we all have bad days, and sometimes we have even worse, really crappy days. So I thought, maybe, to counteract that negativity of the day, situation, night, etc...it would be cool to make a community where we can all just come and post little things throughout the day that brought us joy, or made us happy, or feel some positive emotion.

Ex. Today, I saw a small child smile and wave at me in a grocery store, it made me smile too, and for a few seconds I felt happy and important. (or something to that effect).


1. Please be respectful, no this isn't an advice community or anything, but I think respect should be a general rule.
2. Do not criticise or troll on other people's posts about their small joys. You never know, somebody might be going through a really hard time in life, and their small joys, whatever they may be, big or small, may be the only thing getting them through that tough situation. So please be respectful, and don't go around on their post saying something to the effect of "oh that small joy is so stupid, I don't know how that would ever make you happy." or something like that. Also, refer to the number one rule. Be RESPECTFUL. And all will be good.
3. Please do not delete comments, or screen them. If somebody commented something rude on your post, you can email me, and I will take care of it. There is a good reason for me not wanting anyone to screen or delete comments, is because you never know who else may be reading your post but is too shy to comment, and if someone left a really positive and inspiring comment on your post or something, it may help the too shy reader/commenter out a little bit in their situation.
4.Do not be alarmed or worried, I will moderate things frequently, I will read through every post, and if I see any problems I will take care of them. Never fear, Sarah(aka lolgirl2325 by my personal account) will be there.
5. Please do not edit your entries with special text or colors, because it may be hard for visually impaired people (such as myself who wears glasses and can't see a thing without them)to read your post.
Ex. Making your text really tiny, or some odd, clashing color like turquoise against an orange background.
Note: Bolding, and italisizing text is fine, just do not enlarge it, or minimize the size of it.
6. If you are trolling or causing a lot of trouble in the community, with a bunch of negativity, or spamming, etc...you will be warned once to stop, a second warning will be issued to warn you that if you do not stop you will ultimately be banned. And if on your third offence you do not follow the rules and stop what you're doing, you WILL be banned. I have a 3 strikes, you're out policy.
7. Please do not use a lot of cursing in your posts, cursing to put emphasis in a word such as my day was "fan-FUCKING-tastic" or seeing my girlfriend's blue eyes today made me feel DAMN good is fine. But minimal cursing is requested, I'd like this to be an almost potty mouth free community.

Finally and foremost, I'd like this community to be somewhat more than a community, much more like a family. When I was in 5th grade, my 5th grade teacher told us from the first day that we weren't just a "class" and that we were a family, and that just with your real family, you are to treat everyone with respect, kindness, and foremost love. And that has stuck by me for many years after, so I hope that we can become more than just a bunch of strangers posting little things that made us happy throughout the day/night and that we can become a family.

(maybe I'm aiming a bit high there, but I've always had high expectations for myself and everything I do.)

PS: Yes, I did get the idea from the twitter page, but I just thought their page was so inspiring that a community should be made about it.

Side note: also, if you're going through a hard time and just want to rant, or vent, or just talk, I'm always here. You can friend me and message me through my personal journal. lolgirl2325